Un 2
Uncanny Entrepreneurship
Konstantin Haensch, Lara Nelke, Matthias Planitzer, and Caroline Ballegaard (ed.)
published 2022 at Textem Verlag, Hamburg
ISBN 978-3-86485-274-9

The tech-entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley and the like has been a powerful agent of global socio-political, economic, and cultural change in the last decades. Disruptive business models and technologies are transforming whole industries, the political realm, and everyday culture, creating new realities on the way. This ongoing and far-reaching transformation and colonization of life worlds, at times, articulates itself in plain sight. But other aspects of its agency remain in an opaque realm, unnoticed by users, workers, and political / economic actors alike. This dialectic of movements — one out in the open, one beneath the culturally noticed — allows us to ask the central question of this publication: What is the tech-entrepreneurial uncanny? Or what is the “Un” in “Untrepreneurship”?

with contributions by:

Hannes Bajohr, Caroline Ballegaard, Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, Armin Chodzinski with Oskar J. Chodzinski, Simon Denny and Anthony Byrt, Katrin Fritsch and Helene von Schwichow, Andreas Galling-Stiehler, Baruch Gottlieb, Florian Hadler, Konstantin Haensch, Gustav Heinsen, Steph Holl-Trieu, Timothée Ingen-Housz, Daniel Irrgang, Jeschkelanger with Julia Meyer-Brehm, Andy Kassier, Silvio Lorusso, Johanna Ohde and Taraneh Taheri, Aljoša Pužar, Hito Steyerl, Robin Thiesmeyer, Viktar Vasileuski, Till Wittwer